My First Trip to Japan

Some pics from my 2014 visit.


My first trip to Japan was during Golden Week, 2013. I had met Taka when he was in Boston for an accelerated masters degree at MIT. When he invited me to visit after his return to Tokyo he didn’t have to ask twice! The first half of the trip Taka was still working so I was on my own in Tokyo during the days. Taka had the second half of my visit off so we were able to travel to Kyoto, Nara and Osaka.

Here’s a link to my 30 Best Pictures from 2013, and if you want to see more, here are All my Pictures from 2013.

I enjoyed my 2013 trip, but ten days went by awfully fast. Since 2010 I’ve spent a month or two in Paris each spring, but had always felt that it would be interesting to try a long stay in another great city. 2017 turned out to be the year for a long stay in Tokyo!

Author: Robert Mack

My training is in science, law and technology. I blog about happy subjects such as travel and desperately worrisome subjects such as Ebola and Trump.

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